Schedule page added

Ok, the schedule is added. My plan for it’s contents;

– (for future dates) My presumed schedule
– (for past dates) The schedule that actually occurred (missed days, extra days, etc)
– Special event dates (one-off collaboration streams, convention appearances, etc)
– Other stuff (my birthday, milestones, etc)

I’m working on the gallery now. It’s going to be a reasonably long-term project, since I’ll be writing custom scripts and hacking a framework to do it.

Updating the site

Hey all,

I’m finally getting around to updating the site. I’ll be using it as a hub for all updates, posts, works in progress, finished works, streams, video uploads, and scheduled events (calendar).

I’ll be working on the gallery and schedule first. To be notified of updates, make sure to follow me on twitter via @AlexEdwardSmith .