Wrestling with CSS…

Ok, got the “Find me online” section added to the new site, and fixed the formatting of the news posts.

Gallery is mostly up, but slow. I need to update it so that is shows the rendered image (fast) initially, and the sketchfab plugin (sloooow) only when clicked on.

I also added a bunch of items to the schedule, notably the “Seattle Community Meetup – Powered by Twitch!” (whew) dates for the next two months, and my holiday vacation dates (whereupon I won’t be streaming, but may upload random videos).

Schedule page added

Ok, the schedule is added. My plan for it’s contents;

– (for future dates) My presumed schedule
– (for past dates) The schedule that actually occurred (missed days, extra days, etc)
– Special event dates (one-off collaboration streams, convention appearances, etc)
– Other stuff (my birthday, milestones, etc)

I’m working on the gallery now. It’s going to be a reasonably long-term project, since I’ll be writing custom scripts and hacking a framework to do it.